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Event: Vultures – Scavenging Birds of Prey with Carolina Raptor Center

Vultures – Scavenging Birds of Prey with Carolina Raptor Center

They have a face only a mother could love and most people find them creepy, if not downright gruesome. But without them we’d be knee-deep in road-kill and carcasses. And they’re all over Matthews! What are we talking about?

VULTURES! Could there be a better topic for the month of Halloween?

Join Habitat and Wildlife Keepers on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, at 7:00 pm at Matthews Community Center, 100 McDowell Street, Matthews, NC for this collaborative event with the Carolina Raptor Center.

Jim Warren, Executive Director of Carolina Raptor Center and Board Chair, Grass Roots Science Museum Collaborative, will share information about these highly social, intelligent creatures which are critical for a healthy eco-system. While you might not walk away from the meeting thinking they’re cute and cuddly, we guarantee you’ll have an appreciation for these guys as nature’s clean-up crew.

Jim won’t be traveling solo to this meeting. He’ll be joined by a feathered member of his staff!


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