Backyard Birds

Carolina Wren

Backyard Birds Project Length: 5″ Wing Span: 7″ Natural Habitat: Woodland, Brush, Gardens Features: Brown above; flanks, belly cinnamon, white eyeline, throat; pink legs; barred cocked tail Season: All year Back to Gallery

Eastern Bluebirds

Backyard Birds Project Length: 7″ Wing Span: 9.8-12.6″ Natural Habitat: Widespread; woodland, parks, suburbs Features: (F) Bright blue above with orange from throat to breast. (M) Duller Season: All year Back to Gallery

Carolina Chickadee

Backyard Birds Project Photo credit to Dan Pancamo Length: 4.75-5.75″ Wing Span: 7.5-8.5″ Natural Habitat: Forest, woodland Features: Small; gray with black cap and small black throat patch Season: All year Back to Gallery


Backyard Birds Project Length: 8.75″ Wing Span: 12″ Natural Habitat: Widespread; Parks, Woodland, Gardens Features: (F) Re with black facial mask, throat; crest; (M) Dull tan, no mask Season: All year Back to Gallery

Tufted Titmouse

Backyard Birds Project Length: 6″ Wing Span: 8-10″ Natural Habitat: Widespread; forest to suburbs Features: Gray crested with fawn flanks; black eyes, spot on forehead Season: All year Back to Gallery

Snowy Egret

Backyard Birds Project Length: 38″ Wing Span: 51″ Natural Habitat: Seasonally widespread in marshes, irrigated fields Features: White with yellowish bill; pale eyes; bright green lores; lacy plumes on back when nesting; black legs Season: All year Back to Gallery

American Robin

Backyard Birds Project Length: 10″ Wing Span: 17″ Natural Habitat: Widespread in forest, parks, woodland, gardens Features: (F) Black head with yellow bill, brick-red breast; (M) Duller brown head Season: All year Back to Gallery

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Backyard Birds Project Length: 9.25″ Wing Span: 15″ Natural Habitat: Widespread from forests to suburbs Features: Both sexes are similar; barred back; red hood; plain face. underparts; inconspicuous red belly patch Season: All year Back to Gallery

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Backyard Birds Project Length: 4.5″ Wing Span: 6.3-7.1″ Natural Habitat: Forests dominated by firs and spruces, conifer plantations or residential neighborhoods with conifers Features: (M) bold face pattern: Inky black crown and nape; prominent white supercilium extending from sides of forehead to sides of nape and separating the crown from the very broad, black eye […]

Little Blue Heron

Backyard Birds Project Length: 24″ Wing Span: 40″ Natural Habitat: Brackish, salt and freshwater marshes, ponds Features: Slaty with purplish head, neck; blue-gray bill with black tip; green legs, light eyes Season: All year Back to Gallery