Backyard Birds

Andrell Laniewicz
Andrell Laniewicz
Incredibly helpful getting us set up with the items we needed to make cat TV and helped us with feed types to attract specific creatures to entertain our cats 😂
Chris Wojtasik
Chris Wojtasik
More than just for birds! Fun store, with a great variety of yard items.
Pam Mac
Pam Mac
Love this place! Found the cutest Valentine and St Patty's Day Garden flag. Great decor for your outside. Highly recommend!
Lynne Johnson
Lynne Johnson
Always lovely and fairly unique items.
William Gilbert
William Gilbert
Lots of beautiful things and fun ones too.
Tommy Beatty
Tommy Beatty
A great place to get all of your wild bird and decorative yard needs.
Darold wedel
Darold wedel
Very interesting but expensive
Pamela Mefferd
Pamela Mefferd
Thank you for helping me start a new tradition celebrating the holidays! I love my door gift.
Robin Matthias
Robin Matthias
Beautiful items
Craig Warner
Craig Warner
Be good selection,at fair prices.Willbe back
Bringing Nature and Wildlife Together for Outdoor Enjoyment

Located in Matthews, a stone’s throw from Charlotte, North Carolina, Backyard Birds is an independent, family-owned business that took flight in 1996. Our roots run deep in serving the diverse needs of backyard birders and nature enthusiasts, regardless of the level of expertise.

Discover an experience tailored to capture the pure delight of enticing wildlife to your backyard with the finest quality seeds, premium feeders, charming birdhouses, and alluring bird baths. We offer everything you need to turn your backyard into a haven of nature and wildlife by uniting generations in the joy of the great outdoors.

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Offering a variety of bird feeders filled with seeds, suet, or nectar attracts diverse bird species, supplementing their natural food sources and providing an opportunity for observation.


Providing a clean water source, such as a bird bath or shallow dish, supports birds' hydration, bathing needs, and attracts a range of species for fascinating observations.


Creating habitat through native plants, birdhouses, nesting boxes, and natural perching spots like dead trees, offers birds safe spaces for rest, refuge, nesting, and makes your yard a thriving sanctuary.

Products We Offer

Embrace unmatched convenience by choosing online shopping with Backyard Birds. With just a few clicks, you can explore a wide selection of bird feeders, houses, baths, and more, all from the ease of your own home.

Backyard Birding and
Wildlife Resources

What is birding?

In its most basic sense, birding, or bird watching, is the recreational hobby of observing species of wild birds, including their physical characteristics and beh- avior. In reality, birding is much more than a simple hobby and there are many benefits of birding that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced birders.

Recommended Birding Resources

ALL ABOUT BIRDS – Your guide to birds and bird watching; a wealth of information and ID tips for nearly 600 North American Species.

ANIMAL PLANET – Discover more about wildlife on one of America’s top education television networks.

BIRD FOOD STORE BLOG – Backyard Birds local resource for birding in the local Charlotte area.

BIRD SLEUTH K-12 – BirdSleuth aims to help educators build science skills while inspiring young people to connect to local habitats, explore biodiversity, and engage in citizen science projects.


Elevate your birding experience effortlessly with our seamless online shopping platform, designed to make your journey into the world of birds both convenient and enjoyable.


For Every $5 of Seed You Buy, Receive A Stamp

When your Seed Club Card is stamped complete, enjoy $10 off your next seed purchase. We’ll safeguard your Seed Club card details, sparing you the hassle of managing it. Get your free seed club card and relish the benefits as you cultivate your bird haven.