Backyard Birds

Yellow Breasted Chat


7.1 in

Wing Span:

9.8 in

Size & Shape:

Chats are small songbirds but are large and bulky compared to other warblers. They have a long tail, large head and a relatively thick, heavy bill.

Natural Habitat:

Yellow-breasted Chats live in thickets and other dense, regrowing areas such as bramble bushes, clearcuts, powerline corridors, and shrubs along streams.


Chats are olive-green above with a bright yellow breast and bold face markings. The face is gray, with a white eyering that connects to the bill, forming “spectacles.” They also have a white malar or mustache stripe bordering the cheek. The lower belly is white.


Widespread breeder in shrubby habitats across North America, venturing to Central America for the winter.

Sounds Like:

Recorded by Tony Lombardino at Colonel Francis Beatty Park