Backyard Birds

Red-Shouldered Hawk Migration in North Carolina

The red-shouldered hawk occurs throughout the eastern United States, west to the eastern edge of the Great Plains. It also lives in southern Canada, northeastern Mexico and in western California. The red-shouldered hawk nests, overwinters, and migrates throughout North Carolina. It is most common in those counties with abundant bottomland and swamp forests. For this […]

Fall is A Great Time for Attracting Birds in Your Backyard

Fall is a great time to attract birds in your backyard! Just as birds adjust their behaviors as the seasons change, so too must birders adjust how they interact with birds if they hope to enjoy the great diversity of autumn avian life.

No Backyard? No Problem!

Even if you live in an apartment building or simply don’t have a yard, you can still enjoy the birds. You’ll be relying on surrounding habitats, but with careful observation, you can spot birds. Here’s how: Window Feeders There are feeders you can put right on your windows with suction cups. I use a suction […]