Backyard Birds

Making the Winter Transition to Keep Your Backyard Birds Safe

The abrupt arrival of freezing temperatures is a clear sign that the vibrant fall season has swiftly given way to winter’s chill. With this shift in seasons and weather, our avian companions are also undergoing a significant transition to cope with the cold days and nights ahead.

Keep Your Backyard Birds Safe & Warm this Winter

Birds only nest during spring and summer—their breeding season. But during the rest of the year, cavity-nesting birds often use these same boxes for shelter at night, particularly in the winter time. Sometimes more than a dozen birds will pile into a single box to conserve heat. But nest boxes are far from ideal for […]

Birdbaths in Freezing Cold Winters

Drinking water entices birds year-round, but keeping it ice free in winter can be a challenge. Birds have several physiological mechanisms for conserving water, but in our area we do not get the snow that birds can use. Providing a source of water when everything around is frozen offers a huge benefit for the birds. On […]