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Brome Takes Flight at Backyard Birds: Introducing Two New Must-Have Products for Bird Lovers!

Backyard Birds is excited to announce the arrival of two brand new, innovative products from one of our top-selling brands, Brome Bird Care! Brome is a name synonymous with quality and ingenious design, particularly when it comes to keeping pesky critters away from your precious bird feeders.

Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or just getting started, these two new products from Brome are sure to enhance your backyard bird feeding experience.

Raccoon Buster Guardian Pole System | BirdsUp Versa Pole System

Raccoon Buster® 1.5” Guardian Pole System

First up, we have the Raccoon Buster® 1.5” Guardian Pole System. This ingenious system is designed to keep those pesky raccoons away from your precious feeders, ensuring your feathered friends get the feast they deserve. Say goodbye to empty feeders and frustrated birds – the Raccoon Buster’s large diameter baffle frustrates even the most determined raccoon!

BirdsUP™ 1” Versa™ Pole System

And for those who crave ultimate feeder flexibility, look no further than the BirdsUP™ 1” Versa™ Pole System. This versatile system sets up in a snap (no tools required!), and boasts strong arms that can hold up to 10 lbs each. Perfect for hanging a variety of feeders, the BirdsUP system is the ultimate solution for creating your own personal bird feeding paradise.

Ready to see these amazing products in action? Check out the video below…

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