Backyard Birds

Invasive Plants with Dr. Carrie DeJaco, Ph.D.

     The Backyard Naturalists are absolutely thrilled to feature Dr. Carrie, DeJaco, Ph.D. on this episode to have a conversation about invasive plants. Dr. DeJaco is an Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina. She also holds a B. A. and Masters Degree in Biology from the […]

The Great Backyard Bird Count

    The Great Backyard Bird Count began in 1998 and quickly became one of The Backyard Naturalists favorite events and times of the year. Serving as a collaboration between the  National Audubon Society and Cornell’s Ornithology Lab, the Great Backyard Bird Count is a community science project to collect data on wild birds, on […]

More Snakes with Jay

    One of the most listened to episodes of The Backyard Naturalists podcast is our initial conversation in our fourth episode with reptile and snake expert Jay Bell with Reptiles 101. Debbie and Laurie invited Jay back in the studio to talk more about his favorite reptilian creature.  As a bonus in this episode, […]

Master Arborist, Ralph Ramsaur

     When you begin the conversation around nature and wildlife, trees certainly rise to the top of the list of subjects. That’s why this week, The Backyard Naturalists decided to give Ralph Ramsaur a call, and start talking trees. Ralph is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and currently serves as the Town […]

Sustainable Gardening Practices

    In this episode of The Backyard Naturalists podcast, Debbie and Laurie wrap up their series on certifying your wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation with Sustainable Gardening Practices. As one of the five requirements of certification, sustainable gardening practices offer many benefits, not only to your wildlife habitat, but they can help […]

We’re Talkin’ about Pumpkins

     In this episode of The Backyard Naturalists podcast, Debbie and Laurie take a break from their series on certifying your natural wildlife habitat to talk about pumpkins. They share a few interesting facts and figures about our favorite round, orange squash and tie the conversation back to the wildlife benefits of pumpkins. […]