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Sustainable Gardening Practices



In this episode of The Backyard Naturalists podcast, Debbie and Laurie wrap up their series on certifying your wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation with Sustainable Gardening Practices. As one of the five requirements of certification, sustainable gardening practices offer many benefits, not only to your wildlife habitat, but they can help with the budget conscious gardener, too. For example, using native plants and grasses can reduce the need for fertilizers and decrease water consumption.

Make sure to check out the series kick-off in Episode 2, where Debbie and Laurie offered an introduction and overview to the five requirements for a Certified Wildlife Habitat; Food, Water, Cover, Places to Raise Young and finally, Sustainable Gardening Practices.

It’s quite simple to create your own natural wildlife habitat. The National Wildlife Federation offers a neat, simple checklist you can use when evaluating your space as you prepare for certification. 

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