Backyard Birds

September Sale – BIRDBATHS 15% OFF!

September is a great month to begin providing extra water for all of the migrating birds (and your non-migratory birds will appreciate it too!).  Especially since the monsoons we’ve been having seem to be taking a breather.  Come on in and check out our beautiful birdbaths of various sizes, colors and designs and receive 15% […]

Hummingbird Feeder Sale and Extended Hours! Friday, August 30th

Adult hummingbirds will begin to migrate soon.  To encourage everyone to help give them an extra energy boost, we are having a special sale on our hummingbird feeders. All of our decorative glass feeders will be 20% off! All other types of hummingbird feeders will be 15% off! Extended hours Friday, August 30th only – 10:00am until […]