Backyard Birds

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DSC_0243September is a great month to begin providing extra water for all of the migrating birds (and your non-migratory birds will appreciate it too!).  Especially since the monsoons we’ve been having seem to be taking a breather.  Come on in and check out our beautiful birdbaths of various sizes, colors and designs and receive 15% off on your birdbath purchase!

Adding additional bird baths in different locations around the yard gives birds multiple water sources to choose from should any one bath dry out. Choose baths of different sizes, shapes and depths to accommodate more birds and give them more choices.

DSC_0234Instead of refilling a bird bath with water that could soon evaporate, add a large chunk of ice (such as by freezing water in a bowl) to the basin. The ice will take longer to melt, and the cooler water will be extra refreshing to birds.

If you use automatic sprinklers, position an open basin bird bath so it will be refilled as those sprinklers operate. This may mean lowering the level of a pedestal or moving a bath so it is in reach of the water spray, but it will help keep the water available to birds without constant refills.

DSC_0249Refresh a bird bath and add rippling motion that will attract birds at the same time by suspending a simple plastic jug above it from a hook. Add a pinhole in the bottom of the jug and another in the top to create a slow drip that will gradually replenish the water below.

No matter how much water you add to your backyard, be sure to clean each water source regularly so it is fresh and safe for birds without growing bacteria or encouraging disease. With plenty of water available, you’ll have more backyard birds visiting for cool drinks and refreshing baths.