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Welcome to The Backyard Naturalists, the show about anything and everything connected with nature.

Reptile expert, Jay Bell from Reptiles 101 returns to the studio this week for a fun and entertaining episode on turtles. We’re focusing on two species this week, the eastern box turtle and the common snapping turtle.

In this episode, Jay teaches us about:

  • Physical characteristics
  • How to distinguish a male from a female turtle
  • Their life expectancy
  • The turtle habitat
  • When where and how they breed

. . . and the answer to the age old question, “Why did the turtle cross the road?”

During each and every episode of The Backyard Naturalists podcast, we hope you have an, “AH-HA!”  moment as you learn something new. This week is full of those moments with one that you (or Chris) will never forget.

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