Backyard Birds

Excuse me…what did you say?

Have you noticed that the birds are singing a lot more lately now that Spring is here? Ever wondered what they are saying?  According to Sally Roth, author of The Backyard Bird Lover’s Ultimate How To Guide, there are  three distinct kinds of bird calls that everyone can learn.


First is “dominance.” This is the most common and  recognizable. The bird will repeat this song to claim  his territory throughout the nesting season.


Second is “alarm.” A bird will use this call when chasing off a  predator or intruder. Though the noise will differ  depending on which bird is sounding the alarm, the call  is less melodic, sharper and more abrupt. Once you start  listening, you can hear the panic or scolding in the voice.


And lastly, is “love.” When courting or singing to a mate, birds  will occasionally sing a “whisper song–a quiet intimate piece  of music that’s utterly romantic”. But you may have to listen  long and carefully for this one, because its usually sung in private.

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