Backyard Birds

Baby Hummingbirds Have Left the Nest

Hummingbird  fledglings are out and visiting the feeders.

When they leave the nest, the chicks are considerably larger than their mothers: they may weigh 4.5 grams, while Mom is down to only 2.5 g after the stress of raising her young. Since the mother starts incubating the first egg as soon as it’s laid, that chick will hatch and fledge earlier than its sibling; it will remain close to the nest until the other chick is ready to fly.

After leaving the nest, fledglings are fed by their mother for about 10 days. They do not have a red throat yet so they will look like their mother. It is thought that Ruby-throats live as long as 12 years, but the average is probably 3-5 years.

By adding more feeders in different areas of your property, you will keep one hummingbird from dominating a feeder like they tend to do.

ant-trap Ant Traps for
Hummingbird Feeders

Remember, in extreme hot weather, to keep the nectar fresh by changing it every few days. Plus, add an ant trap to keep the ants out and it also provides a great watering dish for the gold finches, chickadees and other small birds.

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