Backyard Birds

How to Keep Your Backyard Birds Happy, Healthy and Active!

The Ideal Diet for Most Song Birds in the Wild

Make sure to feed your backyard birds the right mix of high fat, high protein, high quality seed like Sunflower, Safflower, Peanuts and Nyjer. These seeds average between 20% – 25% protein and 30 – 40% fat which gives your backyard birds the right mix of fat and protein to keep them happy, healthy and active.

Most song birds that normally feed on seeds, fruits and berries will feed insects to their young. This is because seeds, fruits and berries do not have enough protein content to sustain the growth rate of baby birds. Try adding insect suit and mealworms to your feeders to help baby birds grow strong and healthy!

Cheap Seed May End Up Costing You More in the Long Run

Purchasing a cheap bag of seed at your local grocery store or big box store may appear to save you money on the surface. However, the seeds in these brands only contain about 10% protein and 2 -4% fat, plus they are loaded with fillers such as red millet, milo, wheat and assorted grain products that birds do not eat. Even the black oil in some of the cheaper blends may be rejected by birds because of early frost, insect infestation or other crop diseases.

You Might as Well Be Throwing Your Money Away! 

Birds know what seeds are high in protein and will not waste time on seeds that provide insufficient nutrition. Therefore, most of these types of seeds get scattered on the ground and go uneaten resulting in more waste.

Keep the Birds Visiting Your Feeders

We recommend using top-quality bird seed like our most popular Backyard Birds’ Supreme Blend, Lizzie Mae’s and Mr. Bird. You’ll save yourself some money in the long run and have less bird seed waste at your feeders. Plus, you’ll enjoy seeing more happy, healthy activity at your feeders.