Backyard Birds

Summer is Winding Down

In August, as the summer is winding down, young birds are busy learning to survive on their own. Many adult birds have raised three to five batches of young in the past few months and these young birds are out in full force looking for food. This can be one of the busiest times of the year at your feeders.

Goldfinches are plentiful right now. Provide only fresh nyjer seed for increased goldfinch activity. Nyjer can spoil within two months, so keep it cool and dry. That’s the best way to keep these little birds happy and coming back.

hummingbirdsAugust is also one of the most active months for hummingbirds. Be sure to provide fresh nectar every 3 to 4 days and enjoy the show! We’ve had lots of folks talking about how bad the bees have been lately. A couple things that will help: • Make sure your hummingbird feeder does not leak. • When filling the feeder, be careful not to spill any nectar on the outside of it. • Bees are attracted to the color yellow, so try to stay away from putting out feeders with yellow flowers on them. • You can take a toothpick and place a small amount of Vicks or Avon Skin So Soft on the feeder. The smell will drive bees away, but doesn’t hurt the hummers.