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Summer Time is Hummer Time!

Hummingbirds Add Another Dimension to a Garden that You Won’t Want to Miss

As summer approaches, we start to notice an increase in activity with hummingbirds, as breeding territories are abandoned, juveniles are weaned and hummers from up north make their way south.

Now is a good time to increase the number of hummingbird feeders in your yard. Using a feeder that is easy to clean tends to keep people interested in feeding hummingbirds.  The more decorative the feeder, the more pieces there are to have to clean. It is less likely to be cared for when you get busier and the months pass by.

It is a good idea to put your feeders in the same location every year.  You will be surprised when you forget to put your feeder out and your hummers will be going up and down the chain or hook, looking for the feeder that was there in previous years.  Most of us put out multiple feeders during this time and we visually separate them so that one hummingbird cannot dominate 2 or 3 feeders at one time.

How Often Do I Feed Hummingbirds?

It is essential that the nectar be changed AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK, and more often if the feeder gets full sun.  Nectar from flowers is clear, so red food coloring is not necessary.  Some say it may be harmful in the high volume the hummers consume. Nectar is available for purchase at Backyard Birds or you can learn how to make your own hummingbird nectar.

Be sure to leave your feeder in place from late March through late October.  And offer multiple feeders from July through September.  We’ve all heard that feeding hummingbirds in the fall will keep them from migrating.  It is just not true.  Hummingbirds, like most migratory birds, migrate based on the length of the day.  As the days get longer, the hummers go north; as the days get shorter, the hummers go south.  The length of the day is in a pattern that is stable and the hummingbird’s internal clock can rely on it.  Weather and food supply are far too variable.

You can take your hummingbird feeder down in October, when you haven’t seen a hummer for a week, clean it up and store it for the following March.

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