Backyard Birds

The Bluebirds are nesting!

We have had several customers reporting bluebirds building nests and several reports of eggs. So the bluebirds  are well on there way to another season.

Here are some successful features of a bluebird house

  • No perch they may help encourage Sparrows
  • Entrance hole should be 1 1/2 inches in diameter
  • Ventilation by a small hole at the top of the house or a gap
  • Drainage holes at the bottom corners of the house
  • Attaching to a pole is best

Food for Bluebirds

We carry a couple different types of food for bluebirds like live and freeze dried Mealworms. Live worms are the best food you can supply; freeze dried are OK. It’s like spam verses filet mignon to us, but the nice thing is that you do not have to keep the freeze dried ones refrigerated. They also like suet and sunflower chips. A really good way to attract them is to provide the food at the bluebird house away from other feeders in an open location.

About Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds is an independent, family-owned wildlife specialty store founded by the late Roger Ford in 1996. We offer everything you need from creating an inviting wildlife habitat to finding unique gift items for nature lovers.

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Laurie Horne, Owner